VTEL Marketing & Communication was registered specifically to be deal with electronics & Electrical Engineering Projects

Vtel was  established in 1997 as a project and programmed Management , and cost consulting practice, however due to the changing built environment and the growing needs of our clients; it became necessary to broaden the services that could be provided by vtel, so as to offer multi –disciplinary management consulting services, information technology and civil engineering under one banner . vtel has added to our portfolio a full-time IT Programmer for custom –built Management Information System (MIS) and other software applications.


Vtel has continued to strive towards becoming a complete multi-disciplinary practice offering our clients the specialist individual attention and solution required by an ever-changing project environment. VTEL sees teamwork on every project as the key success element and is responsible for creating this environment. The overall project manager is duty-bound in ensuring efficient and regular communication to all stakeholders and at all levels.


Vtel believes in a hands-on approach on all projects. That is why a director of the firm will always be in control of the key function on our projects. Vtel is equipped with the latest technologies and has the necessary staff and resources to ensure the best professional services is provided at all times. Which  can be extended to cover risk on any size project the firm undertakes both locally and abroad.


Our vision is to grow our multi – disciplinary team in order to offer a broad spectrum of specialist Engineering Information Technology and Management Consulting services to become our Clients’ preferred professional service provider (PSP) choice through excellence and efficiency in all aspects of the project life cycle. Whether it is a building project, civil engineering project, implementation of a project management system, or programme management of a multi-facetted initiative, Artwicar is a leading practice that will exceed expectation and set new standards!


Mission Statement

Our Mission is to offer excellent service in each of our professional disciplines, in accordance with statutory practise, codes of conduct and integrity, thereby developing our team and providing a leading platform from which to service the built environment and in particular, our valued Clients.



Being a multi-disciplinary consultancy, VTEL offers a wide range of Engineering, Project/Programme Management and information and technology services. These include:

Ø  Bulk and Internal electronics Engineering Services (Urban and Rural)

Ø  Roads and Stormwater Infrastructure

Ø  Municipal Infrastructure Provision and Funding Application

Ø  Project and Programme Management

Ø  Information Management Systems( custom developed software systems)

Ø  Construction Management and cost Documentation

Ø  Procurement Documentation and contractual Dispute Support And Advice

Ø  Storm-water Management Planning

Ø  Integrated Development Planning

Ø  Municipal planning & project Lifecycle analysis


Ownership & Management   

Affirmative Action is important to Vtel, Which is why the company has tacken a leading role in the recruitment and training of Previously or Historically Disadvantage Individuals. We recognise  the social and financial imbalances of our society and seek to apply capacity building and training initiatives to address these areas.

The company is a level 4 B-BBEE contributor with 100 % procurement recognition level and is headed by a dynamic, motivated and efficient team currently led by our managing director , Mr. Shubhkant Shukla , Mrs.Anjali Shukla    



VTEL sees teamwork on every project as the key success ingredient and are responsible for creating this environment. The overall project manager is duty-bound in ensuing communication to all stakeholders and at all levels. Team are built by combining the strengths of the individual members and refining skills to meet and exceed the client’s expectations.


We Also believe in a hands-on approach on all over projects. This is why Directors of the firm will always be in control of the key functions on a project. VTEL is equipped with the latest technology and has the necessary staff and resources to ensure the best professional services is provided at all times.



Design / Software Platforms


VTEL is a Electronics & Electrical Designer (for knowledgebase) based consultancy and has registered modules dating to 2011 for and the latest publication governing best practise and design code (SANS 1200 Series And other relevant standards .




Vtel has a state-of-the art boardroom boasting HD flat screen projection, Data projection, Digital White Board, conferencing and catering facilities. The firm has company vehicles, GPS facilities cameras, Laptops, Printer And Plotting Equipment is equipped to deal with project –related facilities and equipment needed to satisfy the requirements of our clients at any time.            

Support and Specialist Input

The firm is equipped to undertake works of geotechnical, structural , health and safety and/or environmental categories via specialist services providers that the firm has established excellent working relation with. The firm also has accounts with support and administrative organizations, e.g. stationary, courier services, Travel Services, Etc. This can be made use of via project-related expenses.  

Technical Team

Tosif Ansari -Engineering Technician

Ashutosh Dwivedi –Data Base Management

Santosh Kumar – Technician

BabuRam Pal - Technician  



MR. Shubhkant Shukla

MS. Anjali Shukla



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EPABX (Intercom Machine)
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